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OCFF Conference, and Ron Sexsmith

What a ride life has been over the past few months. I'm afraid things are going to start calming down by November and this scares me. I suppose things do die down during the darker and colder months, but I like to keep  things rolling. I don't have to think as much when the river is flowing!! The past weekend was superb. I got to hang out (and open for!!) Ron Sexsmith and his band. Let me tell you how small this world is...years ago, when I recorded my first demo, I had a stellar drummer, who is now drumming with Ron. Way to go Cam!! Ron is a funny guy by the way, and has a pretty cool posse that gets to travel the musical road with him. Meaghan Smith also shared the show and she is one heck of a singer. Her music has a very classic style to it, one that I could listen to for hours on end! I still have to shake my head every once in awhile when I think about how lucky I am to be part of this amazing musical world. Next weekend is the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals Conference. It's basically a music festival for the music industry across Canada and many people come from the States and Europe aswell. It's a weekend featuring performances and day-long conferences. The music starts on Thursday and doesn't really stop until Sunday. I am hosting a "Guerilla Showcase" which is a concert that takes place over two nights, both Friday and Saturday, featuring twenty performers, all from the Ottawa area. It was a blast to create, and the talent I lined up is STELLAR!!! People such as Jim Bryson, Lynn Miles, Kellylee Evans, Shawn Tavenier and Kyrie Kristmanson to name a few.  All that said however, I have no idea how Festival Directors can organize a whole festival of music and stil keep their hair!!! I'll write more about the conference next week... though I can't promise I won't be tired!! The one thing lacking at this type of thing is SLEEP!!! Until next time.... Lindsay xo

To be Continued!!

Greetings you fine people out there. What an incredible Canadian Music Week in Toronto. I had no idea how HUGE this week was going to be. It was an enormous gigantic rush of people in the music industry, all with the same agenda; talk, listen, learn & play!!! What wonderful things to have in common with one another. The energy was great, I just couldn't believe how friendly and wide-eyed every one seemed to be. There were SO many highlights, I just don't know where to begin, hence the title of this blog (I always dislike that word, oh blog!!) "To be continued" because I know there will be more moments to add as the weeks go by. I really am still flying.... one things for sure, if you would like to hear a bit of the hustle and bustle and an interview with me including exerpts from my new album "sound" have a listen to CFRB Toronto's News Talk Radio on the 23rd of March at 6pm. You can also go to their website & have a listen online at I will start by telling you about one major highlight and that was: Having the privilege to hear Alanis Morrissette answer some very personal questions, 20 feet away from me!! Yeah, she was interviewed for an hour... and truly spoke to my heart. She is an inspirational creature, spiritual & quite beautiful. Chatting with Garth Hudson of "The Band" was pretty awe inspiring as well. So I will leave you with that wonderful taste in your mouth and write a little later.... Love Lindsay

Canadian Music Week Here I Come!

Hi everyone, so it turns out that I wasn't picked as the regional winner for "radiostar" but at least my music was heard by thousands of people!! "8th Wonder" will just have to wait it's turn... One of the prizes for the contest that I did not win was a trip to Toronto for Canadian Music Week (CMW)...a super cool conference for music industry types). It's really okay though, because I'm going anyway, but, it will just be me that funds it!! I would have liked to win, of course, but at the end of the day, I am the winner... I have this music gift... and I wouldn't trade it for ANY contest in the world... Thanks to everyone who may have voted or sent out the positive energy... better luck next time! Onwards & Upwards I say!!

Lindsay xox