She Walks!

Hey all! It looks as though the healing God's are working hard at getting my broken leg back into shape. I can now walk without crutches, but a cane, outside with all that ice  everywhere, well, there's that... But the FREEDOM of being able to walk and carrying stuff with my TWO hands, ohhhhhh SO good.

I started recording my newest album "Chameleon" last week, with Brock Zeman. It has been interesting getting around in a walking cast, but thankfully it happened to my left leg, as my right foot is my rhythm foot! Oh, and driving out to the country on a river in backwoods Ontario was also doable! The studio is located not 10 feet away from a wood stove, in the basement of a cozy home filled to the brim with the most captivatin artifacts. Brock is a collector of instruments and odd things, one could get lost in their imagination with all the stories surrounding them. A very fascinating place to record, surrounded by lava lamps, key boards, paintings of all sorts, ancient type-writers, china dolls, bronze sculptures, horse paraphernalia, you name it. Very cool and cozy, even with the dolls ;) We were able to get the "bare bones" of ten songs down, in two days. Basically the acoustic guitar and vocals, which are considered "scratch" meaning they may or may not be used in the end result... Who knows! Anything goes!

In any case, I will of course let you know how it is all going, should you be interested but right now, I wanted to let you know of a couple of gigs happening in the Land of Lindsay....

Saturday January 18th BobCat House Concerts, Ottawa Ontario 8pm

Wednesday February 5th Raw Sugar Café, Ottawa Ontario with David Ward and Kelly Sloan 9pm

I hope to see some of you out, it is winter after all and so hard to leave the cozy nest of home, but you NEED music, right???

Hope so :)


Lindsay xo