Lindsay Ferguson

She Walks!

Hey all! It looks as though the healing God's are working hard at getting my broken leg back into shape. I can now walk without crutches, but a cane, outside with all that ice  everywhere, well, there's that... But the FREEDOM of being able to walk and carrying stuff with my TWO hands, ohhhhhh SO good.

I started recording my newest album "Chameleon" last week, with Brock Zeman. It has been interesting getting around in a walking cast, but thankfully it happened to my left leg, as my right foot is my rhythm foot! Oh, and driving out to the country on a river in backwoods Ontario was also doable! The studio is located not 10 feet away from a wood stove, in the basement of a cozy home filled to the brim with the most captivatin artifacts. Brock is a collector of instruments and odd things, one could get lost in their imagination with all the stories surrounding them. A very fascinating place to record, surrounded by lava lamps, key boards, paintings of all sorts, ancient type-writers, china dolls, bronze sculptures, horse paraphernalia, you name it. Very cool and cozy, even with the dolls ;) We were able to get the "bare bones" of ten songs down, in two days. Basically the acoustic guitar and vocals, which are considered "scratch" meaning they may or may not be used in the end result... Who knows! Anything goes!

In any case, I will of course let you know how it is all going, should you be interested but right now, I wanted to let you know of a couple of gigs happening in the Land of Lindsay....

Saturday January 18th BobCat House Concerts, Ottawa Ontario 8pm

Wednesday February 5th Raw Sugar Café, Ottawa Ontario with David Ward and Kelly Sloan 9pm

I hope to see some of you out, it is winter after all and so hard to leave the cozy nest of home, but you NEED music, right???

Hope so :)


Lindsay xo


And there July was, gone.

Hello from this 200 year old farm house. We live on the top floor and considering the HEAT that this Summer is bringing us, it's not so bad with the windows wide open when there is a breeze flowing through.

July was a wonderful somewhat cool month, filled with new song-writing, sweet music playing, delicious barbeque eating and refreshing river/lake swimming.

I having been missing my Gatineau River and the people and food of the wonderful Wakefield Quebec, but life is pretty wonderful up here, out here, a five minute drive to the Alps.

We went swimming in the River Aare, or rather "floating." It is a fast paced river, and you just get in with a floaty of some sort (in my case, a waterproof bag to store some drinking water, my towel etc) and go sailing down the river rather quickly. It's a blue/green crystal clear river which reminded me of white-water rafting (with ROAM -Rivers, Oceans and Mountains) down the Chilcotin River in British Columbia, without the raft of course. It was pretty amazing but for some reason I kept getting away from the rest of my friends and had to "swim" up-river so that they could catch up to me which made my leisurely float a tad less leisurely and I could definitely feel it the next day... the GOOD pain, you know??? I remember when we were in B.C in the big yellow rafts, we would have to plan our lunch spot or camping spot for the night well in advance so we could make the stop and not get swept away by the current... Well it is a little more difficult when planning a lunch stop with a little floaty bag, naked toes and wimpy risk smashing into the rocks that you are about to sit and eat on. I have a little bruise on my elbow, but really, all was SUPER fun and I would do it again... actually the best part was diving down under the water, opening your eyes and feeling your body racing through the water, speeding past the rocks... Amazing, such a perfect day spent for a water baby such as myself.

Yesterday was my first time celebrating Swiss National Day. For all of the "Swiss" order of things, it wasn't as orderly as I thought it would be. See, the fireworks started at 10am and didn't stop until past midnight, people ALL over Switzerland were letting them off, everywhere and not just in one place, but next door, up the road, over the mountain, across the stream, down by the river, in the backyard, in the side yard in the front yard.... EVERYWHERE, all day. In Canada, there are the odd folks who set some off at the beach etc around sunset but mostly, townfolk/cityfolk head to a designated area and watch them all together singing chorus' of Ooooh's and Aaaaah's... Not here. Silence then BAM, silence then POW, silence then CRASH BOOM BANG!!! I had to let out a few whistles of appreciation... you can take the girl out of Canada...

I got some great news a couple of days ago. Not only am I coming home back to Canada in September, but I am playing at the Ottawa Folk Festival for the first time. It was my SEVENTH time applying, so lucky number SEVEN came through and I am pretty excited to be making my debut Canadian show in MONTHS at a Folk Festival; the same festival that EmmyLou Harris and Beth Orton are playing at. Tres cool I must say, and I can't wait to get my dirty festival feet on!!

As always, I am looking to book shows and if you are reading this note and would like to host a house concert, a backyard BBQ or a dinner & music style event... Any kind of musical event featuring ME... don't hesitate to email me at

Until we meet again,

Love, Live and Smile!!

Lindsay xo

Two Worlds

What is it like to live in two different places, for about half a year each? Well, I am in my third year, living in between... and it satisfies my 'wanderlust-filled' soul.

If I could, I would live like this for the rest of my life,

that way, I wouldn't have to say "Good-Bye" for too long.

I Love my friends and family across the world and it is truly hard to say those two words. When I embark on that final (for the moment) journey to the airport, I focus on the next place, and try to swallow those good-bye tears. Sometimes it's easier said than done, and I spend my train time swallowing hiccups and thankful I have a hanky.

Small price to pay however, to have a different view from time to time.


As a musician, I can find places to play anywhere in the world, from living rooms to lit stages, it's an 'easy' profession when it comes to up-rooting once in awhile... (or twice every year.)


Sometimes performance can be difficult, if you are used to getting a laugh in between songs, the nature of sarcasm and jokes can get lost on a crowd who may speak English as a second (or third) language. I am much more "Italian" in the way I speak when this is a factor, using my body and hands as tools to get the jokes across. It's pretty fun. Sometimes I just laugh to myself, or at myself... alone.

Laughter is the best medicine, right?


Miscommunication is okay for me, as is other "bad gig moments" such as a non-responsive crowd or a terrible sound system (or stinky microphone, yes, that happens too!) In these cases, it just becomes a 'practice session' or yeah, just about the money ;) However, I do believe in performing as best as I can, even if there are only a handful (or more) of listeners. If I can get through to someone, just a little, then I have done my job.


Fellow Canadian artist, Craig Cardiff has a notebook that he takes to his concerts in which he asks people to write their dreams, thoughts, secrets etc in... And it always amazes me, when I get a chance to read some of these, at how profoundly music can help. I am so entirely thankful for this musical path I am on, be it for me or for you, it's worth it. Bad sound systems, non-listeners, sore shoulders, hot lights, smelly mics, long drives, sideway-glances and all!


Being away from home, either home, is tough at times. Thankfully Social-Media is here for home-sickness... or maybe not? I see shows and markets and babies that I am missing out on, but still, I get to see your face once in awhile and hear your voice too!! At the very least we get to stay present in each others lives, which is  big bonus, missing you in 'real life' or not.


Currently, I am writing a new song, featuring wisdom that I have learned over the years.

I hope to debut it on Sunday, where my voice will be soaring in a church for the first time in a long time.


You never really know what life will bring. Look forward to every day, and try not to want to know,

that way, you will be surprised,

surprises are good.


Love Lindsay

BRAND NEW SONG ~ Apologies ~

But first a little prelude... A lot of my friends are breaking up these days, I feel so terribly for my Loved ones with broken hearts, both sides feeling pain, the 'breaker upper' and the 'broken up with'... It's a sad thing to say good bye. This song is written through the eyes of the person doing the breaking up, I'm am sure he or she is sorry, everyone has feelings, though you, the one that got left behind, you are most likely seeing things pretty hazy at the moment, wondering why, feeling neglected, don't worry my friend, things will get better... This is a song that just may set things straight...Good luck, in time we all heal.

Rapping on the Wrap-up of 2011

  I’ve never really rapped before but I’ve written some songs so it can’t be that much more. All I know is there has to be ‘flavour’ (stop) so the listener out there can ‘savour’ (stop) each word beating; each words meaning; something on the side, a main course platter…a little bit of fun is all that really matters. Folks! Apologies for starting off your read with some cheese, but it’s what’s on my mind these days, as I have been consuming it on a daily basis, what with living over here for a little while, here in the land of Chocolate and Cheese; Switzerland. Switzerland (from here on in referred to as CH) is where I started off the year 2011 and will also be the place in which I end it (the year, of course.) Tonight is New Year’s Eve and it’s usually a painful time for me, always getting my hopes up high, getting my expensive dress on, worrying about every little detail from my nails to my shoes to my set list; not this year! This night will feature me in comfy clothes not worrying about the gig, the money, the travel, the dress…no, just me and a few close friends with some good music and maybe a board game or two. It doesn’t sound exciting to all you freaky NYE fans, I’m sure, but this year has been a DOOZY, and I have plans to say good-bye to it in a sweet and tasteful way....with tonight’s menu featuring Raclette, wine & candle light, I simply could not ask for more.  It all started in 2007 when I finished my first recording “Sound.” I started thinking about the title of my next album and even started writing songs for it. Fast forward to 2011 and I KNEW I had to finally get it out of me and into you! At the end of 2010 I was fortunate enough to win some money from a music competition “Big Money Shot” and I used those winnings to record my second full length album “Monkeys Under Stars” (from here on in referred to as “Monkeys.”) “Monkeys” took me across Canada on my first “drive across Canada” tour (I’ve always has the privilege to FLY from coast to coast) but this driving thing, I absolutely Loved it.  There were a few moments of harsh reality as a Songster on the Canadian scene, but nothing could slow this free stride (or the Dodge ’92 that I slept in, drove in, ate in wrote in.) What a blast indeed. The Summer months saw some amazing times, with a hearty dose of inspiration.  I remember that amazing night under the “Blueskies” stars shared with Matt Andersen and harmonica virtuoso Mike Stevens, or those wonderful minutes of music shared by Jonathan Byrd; oh those sweet tears evoked from his song-bird poetry. This year was kind to me, if not brutally honest. My new album  scored a few pretty awesome reviews and went on to be honourably mentioned in the Ottawa Xpress as “Best New Album of 2011” and was more recently recognized in the Ottawa Citizen as a top ten album of 2011 by Ottawa area artists  (a Lovely Christmas present indeed!)  Ultimately music is with me 24/7 but I am astounded when I tap into a new sound, one that speaks to me or sings to me, rather. I found myself falling in Love with a couple of new bands this year; “New Country Rehab” and “The Sheepdogs.” All I can say is that you simply MUST find the time to see one of these bands play live, I really can’t describe how their sound made me feel, the music is just louder than any words….Speaking of words, check out “Scar Tissue” a biography about Anthony Kiedis from “The Red Hot Chili Peppers.” It’s a tough one to put down! Anyway, if 2012 is anything like 2011 I will be a happy camper, one with new songs, new sights, new sounds… bring it on and I hope this light and Love of which I speak will indeed travel to you, too. Blessings people! Have a blast! It might be the last one to blast off in!! Love you and THANK you for being here for me once again I can not do it without you music Lovers. Peace out, Lindsay xo