Jonathan Byrd

Rapping on the Wrap-up of 2011

  I’ve never really rapped before but I’ve written some songs so it can’t be that much more. All I know is there has to be ‘flavour’ (stop) so the listener out there can ‘savour’ (stop) each word beating; each words meaning; something on the side, a main course platter…a little bit of fun is all that really matters. Folks! Apologies for starting off your read with some cheese, but it’s what’s on my mind these days, as I have been consuming it on a daily basis, what with living over here for a little while, here in the land of Chocolate and Cheese; Switzerland. Switzerland (from here on in referred to as CH) is where I started off the year 2011 and will also be the place in which I end it (the year, of course.) Tonight is New Year’s Eve and it’s usually a painful time for me, always getting my hopes up high, getting my expensive dress on, worrying about every little detail from my nails to my shoes to my set list; not this year! This night will feature me in comfy clothes not worrying about the gig, the money, the travel, the dress…no, just me and a few close friends with some good music and maybe a board game or two. It doesn’t sound exciting to all you freaky NYE fans, I’m sure, but this year has been a DOOZY, and I have plans to say good-bye to it in a sweet and tasteful way....with tonight’s menu featuring Raclette, wine & candle light, I simply could not ask for more.  It all started in 2007 when I finished my first recording “Sound.” I started thinking about the title of my next album and even started writing songs for it. Fast forward to 2011 and I KNEW I had to finally get it out of me and into you! At the end of 2010 I was fortunate enough to win some money from a music competition “Big Money Shot” and I used those winnings to record my second full length album “Monkeys Under Stars” (from here on in referred to as “Monkeys.”) “Monkeys” took me across Canada on my first “drive across Canada” tour (I’ve always has the privilege to FLY from coast to coast) but this driving thing, I absolutely Loved it.  There were a few moments of harsh reality as a Songster on the Canadian scene, but nothing could slow this free stride (or the Dodge ’92 that I slept in, drove in, ate in wrote in.) What a blast indeed. The Summer months saw some amazing times, with a hearty dose of inspiration.  I remember that amazing night under the “Blueskies” stars shared with Matt Andersen and harmonica virtuoso Mike Stevens, or those wonderful minutes of music shared by Jonathan Byrd; oh those sweet tears evoked from his song-bird poetry. This year was kind to me, if not brutally honest. My new album  scored a few pretty awesome reviews and went on to be honourably mentioned in the Ottawa Xpress as “Best New Album of 2011” and was more recently recognized in the Ottawa Citizen as a top ten album of 2011 by Ottawa area artists  (a Lovely Christmas present indeed!)  Ultimately music is with me 24/7 but I am astounded when I tap into a new sound, one that speaks to me or sings to me, rather. I found myself falling in Love with a couple of new bands this year; “New Country Rehab” and “The Sheepdogs.” All I can say is that you simply MUST find the time to see one of these bands play live, I really can’t describe how their sound made me feel, the music is just louder than any words….Speaking of words, check out “Scar Tissue” a biography about Anthony Kiedis from “The Red Hot Chili Peppers.” It’s a tough one to put down! Anyway, if 2012 is anything like 2011 I will be a happy camper, one with new songs, new sights, new sounds… bring it on and I hope this light and Love of which I speak will indeed travel to you, too. Blessings people! Have a blast! It might be the last one to blast off in!! Love you and THANK you for being here for me once again I can not do it without you music Lovers. Peace out, Lindsay xo