canada council for the arts

It's a MAD, BEAUTIFUL world...

Indeed! We all know this, and we should all be patting ourselves on the back for making it this far. Winter is dark and TOUGH, but we are nearing the end of it! That said, it is snowing the beautiful light fluffy stuff, and for some strange reason I am LOVING it!! Listening to CBC on the radio and booking gigs, drinking hot coffee, dreaming about the cross country ski that I am about to go on. What a thrill, out there in the woods, just me and my heart beat pounding...nothing is as beautiful as being out there, there is something fiercely magical about the freezing cold air, and the motionless evergreens looming overhead...and really, at the end of it all it's like you have re-fueled your soul from the deceiving anxieties that like to sneak in! I must remember to balance the physical with the mental... it truly enhances the spiritual, and when THAT'S done, you can do anything!! Currently I am re-reading the book "Siddartha" and let me tell ya, it's another way to nourish the soul... good literature can change the world and I am SO thankful for that type of escapism... thank you authors of the world!! I applied for a Grant from Canada Council for the Arts, so PLEASE use your positive "approve Lindsay" energy for a split second in my direction... it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Well, the coffee is almost finished, and it's time to get out there and face that winter wonderland... until it melts which might be later today, ya NEVER do know... take it easy folks and remember the beauty, it's out there for YOU to find.... xoxox

Spring & Snow

Living in Canada is a wonderful thing. It's amazing what we Canadians endure. Snow, Fog, Sleet, Breeze, Ice, Rainstorms, Rainbows, Blizzards, Sunshine, Windstorms, Thunder, Lightning... ALL IN ONE DAY! I wonder sometimes why we choose to go through all the weather mayhem, why we don't just pick up and go somewhere hot and CHEAP, spending our days being creative by the beach... and then I remember how much I Love seasons, how much they dictate my life, my moods and my creative being. It's easy I guess, always having something to look forward to. One never knows what a Canadian day will bring. Lately I have been spending my time in Prince Edward County, writing new songs on East Lake. It's amazing how the waves of a raging Lake can inspire new music. I am currently working on new songs for a new album, and with the help of Canada Council for the Arts, I can safely say that my days sweating it out as a waitress are over, at least until the Grant runs out, and if I play my cards right, that won't be until September. What freedom I have, to work on my craft, to find inspiring places to create music for me and all you Music Lovers out there. Playing shows and performing re-fuels me in a way that I can not descibe and I thank all of you for making my pocket of sound thrive! While being an independent Canadian musician is at times difficult, I wouldn't change it for the world. I suppose what I have is a stream of music tapped into my soul, and what better gift?? I believe everyone of us has something to give, be it encouragement, creativity, Love, individuality, greatness, talent... whatever.. we all have a place in this beautiful world, so let's ring in the Spring and make way for new...xox

Le Chateau & Lindsay...

Good day Sunshine!! Life is Beautiful indeed. FREEZING, but Lovely all the same. Recently I have been moving around a LOT. Shows, music and life on the road seems to be quite fitting for me these days.... I was playing a show in Montreal not too long ago, and had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful representative from the GREAT Canadian clothing store, Le Chateau. She quite enjoyed my performance and suggested that Le Chateau sponsor ME with BRAND NEW CLOTHING to wear during some of my concerts. Needless to say, I am stoked. I have been a Lover of Le Chateau since I was a teenager, and am chuffed to bits to continue on this Love affair with a little less monetary stress involved!! Woo hoo!! And other fabulous news??? I applied for a Canada Council for the Arts Grant and received it!! This means that for the next 5 months I can work solely on writing new songs for a new album... one that I hope to have completed in the next year or so.  Oh, and I have the pleasure to play with one of my favourite Canadian Song-Writers, Lynn Miles!! This Sunday, March 8th at The Black Sheep Inn. It's an afternoon show, featuring "The Three Elles" in Song-Circle style.... Myself, Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson. Like I said, it's an afternoon show, (4:20pm) so you can bring your Lovely children if you so desire!! Looking forward to singing some new songs for you... Lindsay xo