It's a MAD, BEAUTIFUL world...

Indeed! We all know this, and we should all be patting ourselves on the back for making it this far. Winter is dark and TOUGH, but we are nearing the end of it! That said, it is snowing the beautiful light fluffy stuff, and for some strange reason I am LOVING it!! Listening to CBC on the radio and booking gigs, drinking hot coffee, dreaming about the cross country ski that I am about to go on. What a thrill, out there in the woods, just me and my heart beat pounding...nothing is as beautiful as being out there, there is something fiercely magical about the freezing cold air, and the motionless evergreens looming overhead...and really, at the end of it all it's like you have re-fueled your soul from the deceiving anxieties that like to sneak in! I must remember to balance the physical with the mental... it truly enhances the spiritual, and when THAT'S done, you can do anything!! Currently I am re-reading the book "Siddartha" and let me tell ya, it's another way to nourish the soul... good literature can change the world and I am SO thankful for that type of escapism... thank you authors of the world!! I applied for a Grant from Canada Council for the Arts, so PLEASE use your positive "approve Lindsay" energy for a split second in my direction... it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Well, the coffee is almost finished, and it's time to get out there and face that winter wonderland... until it melts which might be later today, ya NEVER do know... take it easy folks and remember the beauty, it's out there for YOU to find.... xoxox

The Three Elle's (Lynn, Lynne & Lin)

Greetings from almost Sunny Wakefield. I write to you with Love & Inspiration in my heart. All we have is now. So why not make it good. Sometimes being on the road can hurt and tear and pull and strip you of all the good left in your goodbox. From a singer's perspective, performing on stage and sharing stories through song fills up the empty box and keeps you going, keeps you thriving, keeps you singing, keeps you alive.  On Sunday past, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with two very talented Ladies, Lynne Hanson & Lynn Miles...Lynn Miles has been an inspiration to many song-writers along the way, and has travelled a very long and winding musical road. Thanks to all the Elle's for a great show at The Black Sheep Inn, on the river in the Gatineau Hills.  I am now in the process of writing new songs for a new album. I have a few ready, but am working daily to get some more out! Lyrics are the most challenging part of the song making for me. I just can't seem to make things fit lyrically, what I want is to make a stellar song in all directions... but somehow the words get in the way!! Any suggestions out there? The melody of things just seems to come naturally, like I am standing under a musical vortex of sound... I guess all I really need is patience...In the meantime, please send a message or drop a line to say hello. It means a lot to know that someone out there reads these rambles of mine. My gig this weekend is sold out!! I am stoked, I have never played the venue or town of Burnstown before, so I must be doing something right!!! Lindsay xo

To be Continued!!

Greetings you fine people out there. What an incredible Canadian Music Week in Toronto. I had no idea how HUGE this week was going to be. It was an enormous gigantic rush of people in the music industry, all with the same agenda; talk, listen, learn & play!!! What wonderful things to have in common with one another. The energy was great, I just couldn't believe how friendly and wide-eyed every one seemed to be. There were SO many highlights, I just don't know where to begin, hence the title of this blog (I always dislike that word, oh blog!!) "To be continued" because I know there will be more moments to add as the weeks go by. I really am still flying.... one things for sure, if you would like to hear a bit of the hustle and bustle and an interview with me including exerpts from my new album "sound" have a listen to CFRB Toronto's News Talk Radio on the 23rd of March at 6pm. You can also go to their website & have a listen online at www.cfrb.com I will start by telling you about one major highlight and that was: Having the privilege to hear Alanis Morrissette answer some very personal questions, 20 feet away from me!! Yeah, she was interviewed for an hour... and truly spoke to my heart. She is an inspirational creature, spiritual & quite beautiful. Chatting with Garth Hudson of "The Band" was pretty awe inspiring as well. So I will leave you with that wonderful taste in your mouth and write a little later.... Love Lindsay