black sheep

~Cross Canada CD Release Tour~

Hey Folks! Here's where I will be on the first leg of my Tour out to British Columbia and back! If anyone has anymore suggestions, gig offers, house concert ideas, please CALL ME!! 6133719817. I would be grateful to take on more performance opportunities, as I am SO happy to get this NEW album "Monkeys Under Stars" outta me and into you!! :)

June 5    Wakefield QC, The Black Sheep Inn

June 10 Thunder Bay, The Apollo

June 11 Winnipeg, Sam's Place
June 13 - Saskatoon, SK - Cafe Sola
June 15  Calgary's Mix 97.7 radio interview
June 15 - Calgary, AB - Beatniq Jazz & Social Club
June 17 - Nelson, BC, Capitol Theatre
June 21 - Revelstoke, BC, Solstice House Concert
June 25 - Vancouver, BC - Cafe Deux Soleils
June 26 - Duncan, BC - Duncan Garage Showroom
June 29 - Edmonton, AB - The Artery
July 5th Ottawa On - Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest (opening for Tegan & Sara!!)

Lindsay News....

Hi Surfers. Oh, to dream about the Sea & Surfing. For now all I have is the web. And my guitar. Actually I am just putting some finishing touches on a new song that I will bring to my band at tonight's practice. Looking forward to that... I always get a new high from a new song. A natural high... not so easy to get nowadays, in this fast "I want more more more" crazy world. I'm staring at a ski hill right now, white strips of snow, tumbling down to the brown ground. Everything is brown, except for those glowing white strips of snow. I imagine they will be gone in the next day or two, and I can rid myself of cold wintery thoughts.  Bring on the Lake-jumping!! In the meantime, I have a few gigs coming up, from the West Coast of Canada right over to the East coast, and a few dates (still booking!!) in between. Life is an interesting set of happenings these days. I strayed from the Love affair with my guitar for a few weeks, and thank God she took me back. It's amazing, the beatings she takes. In any case, I am back in full force,  with a chunk of my heart ready for healing once more. Ah, to re-live unrequited Love. What a shame. Onwards & Upwards, I got my guitar on my back with a few tunes and I'll get over you!! (sound familiar??) So, this Saturday I will be singing in Napanee Ontario, home to superstar Avril... come to The Music Market for a glimpse into my ever-singing-soul. You may be in for a treat. or Two. The show starts around 8pm...soon, I will be back at The Black Sheep Inn, on May 7th, with a couple of FINE singer gals, Megan Hamilton from Toronto (her CD release) and Maggie Meyer from Newfoundland... it's a Thursday night, but don't worry, we won't keep you out too late on a school night. More gigs, heartbreak and songs to follow, I'm sure. Until then, Be well. Go outside, and just breath. xox

The Three Elle's (Lynn, Lynne & Lin)

Greetings from almost Sunny Wakefield. I write to you with Love & Inspiration in my heart. All we have is now. So why not make it good. Sometimes being on the road can hurt and tear and pull and strip you of all the good left in your goodbox. From a singer's perspective, performing on stage and sharing stories through song fills up the empty box and keeps you going, keeps you thriving, keeps you singing, keeps you alive.  On Sunday past, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with two very talented Ladies, Lynne Hanson & Lynn Miles...Lynn Miles has been an inspiration to many song-writers along the way, and has travelled a very long and winding musical road. Thanks to all the Elle's for a great show at The Black Sheep Inn, on the river in the Gatineau Hills.  I am now in the process of writing new songs for a new album. I have a few ready, but am working daily to get some more out! Lyrics are the most challenging part of the song making for me. I just can't seem to make things fit lyrically, what I want is to make a stellar song in all directions... but somehow the words get in the way!! Any suggestions out there? The melody of things just seems to come naturally, like I am standing under a musical vortex of sound... I guess all I really need is patience...In the meantime, please send a message or drop a line to say hello. It means a lot to know that someone out there reads these rambles of mine. My gig this weekend is sold out!! I am stoked, I have never played the venue or town of Burnstown before, so I must be doing something right!!! Lindsay xo

Le Chateau & Lindsay...

Good day Sunshine!! Life is Beautiful indeed. FREEZING, but Lovely all the same. Recently I have been moving around a LOT. Shows, music and life on the road seems to be quite fitting for me these days.... I was playing a show in Montreal not too long ago, and had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful representative from the GREAT Canadian clothing store, Le Chateau. She quite enjoyed my performance and suggested that Le Chateau sponsor ME with BRAND NEW CLOTHING to wear during some of my concerts. Needless to say, I am stoked. I have been a Lover of Le Chateau since I was a teenager, and am chuffed to bits to continue on this Love affair with a little less monetary stress involved!! Woo hoo!! And other fabulous news??? I applied for a Canada Council for the Arts Grant and received it!! This means that for the next 5 months I can work solely on writing new songs for a new album... one that I hope to have completed in the next year or so.  Oh, and I have the pleasure to play with one of my favourite Canadian Song-Writers, Lynn Miles!! This Sunday, March 8th at The Black Sheep Inn. It's an afternoon show, featuring "The Three Elles" in Song-Circle style.... Myself, Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson. Like I said, it's an afternoon show, (4:20pm) so you can bring your Lovely children if you so desire!! Looking forward to singing some new songs for you... Lindsay xo

A Festival in the Dead of Winter

Recently I had the pleasure of being a part of a wonderful winter festival in Halifax. A quaint music festival in the middle of ice, snow & wind storms a four block radius in downtown Hali...I played my set in a new music venue called "The Company House", a wonderfully attentive room filled with beautiful paintings, cozy atmosphere and locally brewed beer... much like Wakefield's "Black Sheep Inn". It's not easy finding inspiration in the deadly dark nights of winter, but having a music fest at such a time, fills one with wonder, lyrics, melody and sunny blue skies. I happened upon a few rare treasures while sliding through snow drifts and icy streets in my big black Sorel boots... check out the likes of Ana Egge, Meg Hutchinson, Matt Epp & Erin Costelo to name a few...where once I had a songbook in need of new songs, I now have new images, melodies & lyrics to share. I've been spending the last few months away from home, trying to find new music and little did I know that a five day festival on the east coast of Canada was going to re-fuel me, stoke my fire...Oh Canada, Home Sweet Home.  The next few things I have planned in Canada-Land musically, to share... are as follows:  February 14th in Metcalfe @ Lovefest, Sunday Feb. 15th at The Black Swan in Toronto and February 27th in Ottawa at Zaphod Beeblebrox... I look forward to playing some new songs for all of you... Happy trails until we meet again....Lindsay xo

Top Ten Best Shows of 2008 (in no particular order!!)

1. LOUDLOVE! I saw Loudlove play at "The Horseshoe Tavern" on a Monday night... I slipped and sloshed all the way from the East End of Toronto to get to that show and what an amazing night. I LOVE Loudlove, they are one of my FAVOURITE bands EVER. One thing for sure, they get me dancing every time and THAT doesn't happen very often. 2. JOSE GONZALEZ! I had the pleasure of being introduced to this brilliant singer from Sweden for the first time at The Ottawa Bluesfest this past summer. There was a MIGHTY crowd at The Black Sheep Stage all singing along to his songs... he was SOLO with Guitar and there was a Trumpet player hanging out near the soundboard blowing away... it was a truly special moment and my favourite of all the Bluesfest performances!!

3. JENN GRANT! This was during Canadian Music Week and the show was at The Rivoli in Toronto. I don't know what it was about this night, but SOMEthing was in the air. It really felt like Love... she was on fire and singing like the siren she is. A De-Lovely and Unique voice indeed!!

4. Peter Voith, Shawn Tavenier, Anders Drerup, Tyler Kealey, Ben Cooper, Eric Eggleston, Jeff Rogers! This was the best show I have ever taken part in. Called "Wailing for Wheels" it was a charity event at The Bronson Centre in Ottawa for Muscular Dystrophy. Seeing all of these Ottawa Musicians perform for the FIRST time ever, I was blown away, we did a few numbers together at the end, I was so full of excitement, I tripped off the side of the stage.... an awe-inspiring night, one that reminds you that it's ALL worth it!!

5. JON & NATHAN PILASKI! This wasn't quite a "concert" to the definition, but there is a great Trad Session in Toronto at "Dora Keogh's"  which I attend occassionally to play the Irish Drum, a Bodhran or to sing an old Traditional Irish song or two. One night I happened upon this great little nook and the Irish Dancing Brothers team were in the pub having a good ole pint of Guinness, as you do... well after a few, we talked them into doing a wee dance for us. Our own private tap/step dance!! Considering they dance on tour with "The Chieftans" this was an honour!!

6. KOBOTOWN! These guys are truly WONDERFUL. Serious dancing, singing music. I held a 'Guerilla Showcase' room during this great music conference 'Ontario Council of Folk Festivals' (OCFF), where I asked only Ottawa musicians to take part, and these guys just blew me (and others!) away... I played their CD over and over and over... and I can STILL listen to it!!!

7. NORTH ATLANTIC FIDDLERS! This summer in St. John's Newfoundland, they had the Folk Festival, the Buskers Festival, George Street Festival, Regatta Day and the North Atlantic Fiddlers Convention all around the same time! I happened to be playing in the Folk Festival and spent a lot of time traipsing about! "Nautical Nellies" on Water Street was home to all the Fiddlers night after night... well, THIS brought out all types of players; mandolins, bouzoukis, guitars, tin whistles, bodhrans, flutes, voices...  al together in the madness of tunes and song. It was simply fantabulous!

8. JULLY BLACK! What a THRILL it was to see Jully ON FIRE at The Black Sheep Inn, in Wakefield Quebec, this small cozy venue was filled to the brim with this woman's bursting voice. She did a cover of "Blue Rodeo's 'TRY'" I mean this was un real... I used to think I could sing until I saw her ablaze in passion that night! What an inspiration... really.

9. THE SADIES! They played on my birthday so the night was already gonna be swell. What I didn't know was HOW AMAZING they were going to be! Strumming and slapping out their tunes at "Barrymore's" in Ottawa, made us all sweat fireworks. What a rush!

10. SHEESHAM & LOTUS! This 'Dynamic Duo" is ultimately one of the most unparalled pair I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. You MUST tear yourself away from whatever gets in your path if these guys come to town! They played and marched and danced out fabulous sound at "Kaffe 1870" in Wakefield Quebec...their sound is 'old soul meets ragtime meets magnificence. Find them. NOW!!

Hope you enjoyed my choices... there were so many shows that were ultimately GREAT.... and maybe I've missed out mentioning a few.. but here you go... Last Minute Lindsay Picks...

Voted Best New Artist ~2008~

I am very happy to announce that I was voted Best New Artist of 2008 by The Ottawa Xpress. I am chuffed to bits about this, quite happy indeed! Its isn't always so easy to live in this world as an entertainer... it gets lonely out on the road and the rejections far outweigh the acknowledgements, but at times like these, one tends to forget the no's!! I suppose the greatest reward of all is the performance part. There is nothing quite like a room full of people star-gazing at YOU! Not to mention the energy that transcends between us... it is quite special indeed and if it wasn't for people like you, Music Lovers, then I couldn't exist on stage at all! I would simply be a kitchen singer, which is something I Love to do, but the fire inside me is far too hot and I need to travel and sing to the world. Bit by bit I am doing this, one step at a time and I genuinely thank you all deep deeply! For any of you who voted for me this time around, again my sincerest Thanks!! If you would like to catch a show anytime, there are a couple coming up in the very near future... I will be playing a SOLO set at Zaphod Beeblebrox on Monday the 17th of November, special guest to the one and ONLY Serena Ryder and the following Thursday, the 20th I am playing two FULL BAND sets at The Black Sheep Inn!! Two very contrasting and distinctive shows... Maybe you can bring me some of your Love and I will absolutely return it. Just show up and I'll show you... Lindsay xo

Turkey Leaves...

What a fantastic weekend. I always forget about Thanksgiving, and then it is upon us... faster than you can say harvest... What a great few days spent with family and friends. The Black Sheep Inn had a great Friday night what with all the great players. Check out a few new bands that I had the chance to play with when you have a chance: The Grass, Ty Hall and the EZ3 and The Brothers... all very different from each other but that's what makes an awesome night of dancing and delight.  I don't know if any of you reading this have ever been out to the Sheep, but the energy in that room is crazy. I always feel like a whirlwhind is happening in there and rarely remember specific details from the shows, I swear there is a vortex inside with one rule "What happens at the Sheep, stays at the Sheep!!" It's pretty exciting to say the least. Moving onto Saturday, head still reeling from the vortex, I made it out to Orleans, which is nowhere near New Orleans. Umm, spent the night out there, feasting on wine and BBQ deleiciousness... then onto Sunday spent with crazy family, turkey and more wine. Monday was spent relaxing on a Paddle Wheeler floating in the Gatineau River, and the leaves out there are stupendously tremendous. The lull of the boat, the sound and smell of the water was like music to my ears.. not to mention the mysterious Moon up there hovering, maybe waiting for the smell of Turkey to waft up to it's nose?? What an amazing weekend, and I TRULY give thanks...thanks to Music, thanks to Famiy, thanks to Moon, thanks to River and thanks to YOU, my support network!!! Love you!!! xo     (Next weekend is Ron Sexsmith weekend. Can't wait.)

Indian Summer Blue

Hi! I'm sitting under an October sky and OH! how I Love October skies!! It seems they must be my favourite as I believe I've written about this particular shade of blue before. A clear, crisp, shiny blue... Maybe it's the way it bounces off the yellows, oranges and reds but somehow it's more satisfying than a Summer heat wave blue, this Indian Summer shade...I've been travelling a lot these past few months and Music has been paving my way to all sorts of different places. I am so very thankful that the songs inside me are getting heard by more and more people and even more thankful that my Dodge '92 is keeping up her end of the bargain.  I was planning a tour out to the West Coast of Canada this fall, but have since decided that she, my van, might like to live a little longer, and a Spring tour may be easier on her old nerves...Speaking of nerves, I will be doing a show with Ron Sexsmith in just over a week, I am peachy thrilled and only wish that all the eyes reading this could also bring their ears and be thrilled themselves!! I'll let you know how is goes for sure... I think it will be better than superb!! In the meantime  I have some free time to write... and hope to have another new song for my show this weekend at The Black Sheep Inn. If only I could finish a few that I am working on at present.. sometimes they take forever to complete and other times there are ready within minutes... who knows where it comes from, where any of it comes from, but I am tremendously thankful for the gift of song that I have been given and will continue to share...until there are no meals, wheels or deals... Take care, Lindsay xo

Some Kind of Wonderful...

I absolutely Love Autumn. Just have a look around you, providing you are reading this and in North America... I mean LOOK at the brilliance around us. I was almost depressed at the end of Summer, seeing as there really wasn't a Summer, but then I got back from another two week whirlwhind trip to Newfoundland and there they were,  the leaves in full glory. It's almost as though the splendour of those colours just erased my confusion and replaced it with some kind of wonderful.  The smell of the air is enough to send me into a special sort of stir.  If any of you have bicycles out there, I say HOP ON!! My bicycle isn't anything fancy, I bought it at a garage sale for forty bucks, seeing as my last bike was stolen, I really don't want THAT to happen again... anyway, yes to bike riding in the fall!!! In the meantime, I started a cleanse, which is GREATLY needed after living a whole summer out of bags and hopping from couch to couch there isn't really a structure of nourishment in that lifestyle...I think a cleanse is exactly what I need. Also, the West Coast Tour is falling into place, but it may have to happen in the Spring, which is totally acceptable as long as I get to play music and NOT go back to waitressing. I think fifteen years is long enough at THAT trade... wish me luck!!! The big Wakefield Community Centre Benefit is happeing on the 10th of OCtober at The Black Sheep Inn... if you live nearby, this show is going to be amazing with GREAT talent including: The Grass, The Brothers, Ty Hall & the EZ3 and of course yours truly... there will be Mondo dancing and a great start to Thanksgiving. Ciao for now, more to come....Lxo