chocolate and cheese

High Flyin'

Hi from Air Canada flight 868 to Zurich, Switzerland. It was a long walk through Pearson airport to get to this seat on the plane, I am still flush from all the heavy stuff I was carrying, which is now safely tucked away in the over head compartment. The first class (executive) section on this plane looks like it’s from a space ship… there are pods to sit or lay down in, I wonder  what the business class will look like when I can afford a ticket to sit in it, perhaps there will be beds behind locked doors, then perhaps the mile high club won’t sound as appeasing?? Ha! Who knows when or where, but the “whatever it’s called” class will be welcomed! In the meantime, I am happy in my lots of leg room seating beside a nice man who doesn’t talk much. The ceilings are a lot higher in this plane too, so it doesn’t feel as claustrophobic. I fly into Zurich where I will be picked up and taken to one of my favourite cities in the land of chocolate and cheese, Luzern. Here I will embark on a few weeks of writing new songs, eating cheese fondue, drinking delicious coffee, spending time with friends, buying cheap vodka, devouring the world’s (in my opinion) BEST pizza with an amazing friend who is originally from St. John’s Newfoundland and now lives in Switzerland, he in fact introduced me to Switzerland and the best ever pizza, I am a lucky girl, choosing to live in Newfoundland all those years ago, choosing to work on the famous “George Street”.  Life is funny that way, it really is a series of events, one after  the other; a series of questions to be answered; a wallop of choices to be made. It’s really all up to you, continue reading, don’t, get up and move, watch T.V, answer the phone, let someone else, go for brunch, cook it yourself, book a flight, ride your bike… yep, let’s keep it simple and just go with the flow! Aren’t we all wound a little too tightly? I think we should just breath deep and let life happen, it will you know, exactly the way it’s supposed to and we, as human beings are resilient, and will strive for a good time, and we will get it. Now I have to turn off this electronic device and listen to the plane, feel the plane do it’s thing. See you in Swissie-Land. Lot’s of writing to come. Heart, Lindsay xo

Razor Blade Swallows...

It's been some time now since I have written! I apologize to the readers out there who are in search for something new in the Blog department of the 'Cyber-World'. But, alas, such is life... it has a way of moving stealthily away from us at times! I write to you from the base of the Swiss Alps! With a fiery throat no less. For the last two weeks, there have been many preparations to get me here... it was all a very last minute trip, and if you saw my bedroom two weeks ago, you would have wondered if it were possible to get me here so fast! It's amazing though, how when you settle on a decision, how fast life can actually change! I have always been a "Last-minute-Lindsay" type of girl, and when the opportunity arose, for me to break away from my Canadian life to go on a "wrting new music" term, I jumped at it, and for two weeks I was running around to get things organized, playing three gigs the same week that I hopped on a flight to Switzerland was no easy task, not to mention all the other things life throws at you... I won't go into detail about those things, but the gigs went smashingly and now, here I sit with my black coffee listening to the church bells ring out in Luzern. I will be back in my home and native land in the middle of January with plans to head out to Halifax for the "In the Dead of Winter" music festival at the end of the month, then back to Ontario Land for Canadian Music Week in February. In the meantime I will live it up as best as possible here in this wonderful world of Chocolate and Cheese!! When I get back, there will be new songs.... I am hoping that 2009 will bring me the opportunity to record anothe r full-length album, and when it does, I will be ready. I hope life treats you all well and kind and I will keep you posted with Swiss-isms when I can... Hugs from afar, Lindsay xo