mini tour

Spicy Summer Daze...

Greetings to the Lovely people out there who read this... you know who you are!!! I spent the day on the dock soaking in some Vitamin D, drinking some vitamin C (C for Coronita) and swimming in some vitamin G (G for Gatineau River). I think THIS combination was what I REALLY needed to get rid of this ever-lasting but FINALLY gone cold...Thank you dear delicious life for giving me the will to drive, ride, sail safely through this terminated illness. It's really amazing to think about what CAN actually happen, I mean, one mintute you are hacking a lung, in tears over the agony, never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, then the next minute, or at least a couple of weeks later, there I am, sitting in the sunshine with a goofy grin on my face. LIke the old fashioned saying, overly said saying, heard it too many times saying: Time heals!!! And dammit it's true. So in this wee note, I am giving thanks to the world, that it keeps turning round and round and remember, the sun'll come out tomorrow!!! And just for the record, I can't leave a weblog without some form of gig or music mention... so here it is; this weekend I will embark on another mini-tour... this time heading to Camden East on Friday where I will play at a very sweet looking place called The Bookstore Cafe, then heading to Napanee to play at another sweet cafe on Saturday night at The Music Market, then to head to Music on the Mountain Festival near Picton Ontario, at Lake on the Mountain Resort. And not to forget, SUMMER IS NOT OVER!!! Woo hoo hoo!!! Much Love on this DAY!! Lindsay

Mini Tour Success...

Driving in a flurry of snow & rain & sleet & wind is not my idea of pleasure, the rush of adrenaline that surged through my body at any given time while on the road to sing way pretty cool in the long run though. Mum asked me if driving around in crazy weather just to get to the next dive was all worth it & would I do it again? Yes, indeed, some places smell like 20 year old scotch mixed with cigarettes, and in some bizarre way, it all smells like home to me.First trip to Oakville to play, I was stolen at the end by some great new friends who kept me awake with the Demos from Nirvana... if that wasn't pure guts & soul, I don't know what is. Breakfast in the afternoon over hot coffee and visine eyes is a perfect start to a Saturday night gig in Toronto, where even though there was a blizzard from hell, people showed!! They also bought my new album, not realizing in doing so, paid for all the gas & a little interest on my loan... Thanks so much my good Lindsay Lovers... Sunday was a day of freezing rain & I was off to sing in Guelph... it was a brilliant time to go on tour, it was. I felt a little like a Postman... the show must go on!!! Even though I spent only a few hours in T.O in total, I think it may be the next step for this girl & her guitar... If anyone out there has any ideas on how to keep the music & soul alive in this singer if she moves to the Big Smoke, don't hesitate to get in touch...

Lindsay Gigs "mini-tour"

Hey Folks!! I have a few shows coming up... Friday The 30th November "The Moonshine Cafe" in Oakville

Saturday The 1st of December "The Renaissance Cafe" Toronto

Sunday The 2nd of December "The Cornerstone Cafe" Guelph

Please come & hear some new songs & pick up my new CD "sound." It should be a great weekend for gigs, let's hope that the van stays in one piece on my travels!! Hope to see some of your smiling faces in the crowd!!!

Lindsay xox