A Festival in the Dead of Winter

Recently I had the pleasure of being a part of a wonderful winter festival in Halifax. A quaint music festival in the middle of ice, snow & wind storms a four block radius in downtown Hali...I played my set in a new music venue called "The Company House", a wonderfully attentive room filled with beautiful paintings, cozy atmosphere and locally brewed beer... much like Wakefield's "Black Sheep Inn". It's not easy finding inspiration in the deadly dark nights of winter, but having a music fest at such a time, fills one with wonder, lyrics, melody and sunny blue skies. I happened upon a few rare treasures while sliding through snow drifts and icy streets in my big black Sorel boots... check out the likes of Ana Egge, Meg Hutchinson, Matt Epp & Erin Costelo to name a few...where once I had a songbook in need of new songs, I now have new images, melodies & lyrics to share. I've been spending the last few months away from home, trying to find new music and little did I know that a five day festival on the east coast of Canada was going to re-fuel me, stoke my fire...Oh Canada, Home Sweet Home.  The next few things I have planned in Canada-Land musically, to share... are as follows:  February 14th in Metcalfe @ Lovefest, Sunday Feb. 15th at The Black Swan in Toronto and February 27th in Ottawa at Zaphod Beeblebrox... I look forward to playing some new songs for all of you... Happy trails until we meet again....Lindsay xo

Singer in the Rain...

Let’s face it, if you are a singer of ANY kind, and please God you are!! (Showers, cars, anywhere will do!) We are all in the same boat (no pun intended). It has been a WET summer, I think the sun shone on Tuesday this year, and I am sorry to say that once again, it is raining. So here I sit with no internet access out at the cottage, over-looking the lake, under a thunder and lightning storm, typing to you!! It’s so loud under the tin roof out here that there is no use trying to chat with my folks, so card playing will do for now… though my Mum keeps winning, so I think I’m happier here, thinking of what to say to you. The world is going to heck so I won’t talk about it. Canada has won its 13th medal as of today… or was it last night? I can’t tell, but the one race I have watched was won by a guy I used to go to school with! Brian Price, coxswain, Olympic Gold Winner, rowing. It blew me away, seeing that, and lucking into the moment itself. I’m not largely into the Olympics, partly because I don’t have a television (or a house for that matter) and partly because, well, I like watching sports live…Anyway, here we are, a WHOLE bunch of wet Canadians, just waiting for the sun. I say bring it on, I’m ready!! In the meantime, if you aren’t busy on Thursday night, the 21st of August, please don’t hesitate to come see me and my band play at The Black Sheep Inn. There are three great bands playing that night, Little Miss Higgins, T Nile and of course, us. Be prepared to be inspired… and truly I thank GOD (or who/whatever it is out there…) for music, cuz there ain’t no rainstorm thats gonna take away my song….