Oh Canada, I Thank You.


Here I sit in this old farm house, back in Switzerland, filled with memories of my Canadian adventure. Has the Spring and Summer already passed so fast?  It has to have been one of the BEST Summers I have ever had. Thank you to all of my friends, fans and family for making my Canadian stay so very epic. Touring across that big and beautiful country, releasing my brand new record, was wonderful. I had the pleasure of seeing so many new places, meeting so many new faces and generally being proud of the musical life that I have been given. The question arises from time to time, is it a gift or did I choose it? I suppose it is a bit of both. I am ever so blessed to be living through this musical stream and even better that folks, like you, would like to hop on this path with me. Sharing my stories through music makes my life feel complete, but traveling and playing for you is a mega bonus. From Lasqueti Island to Christian Island, from Wakefield to Winnipeg, I am honoured to be able to travel with my guitar and songs. 

At the moment, I am figuring out how to make this website GREAT and interactive somehow. It is not my forte, this Computer Stuff, but this is what I have come up with so far... Still a few glitches to roll out, but all in all, I am happy with my new website!

I will do my best now, to be keep in touch better, perhaps sharing a few road stories once I get more settled into this new forum.

Thanks for being here