wee note

Spicy Summer Daze...

Greetings to the Lovely people out there who read this... you know who you are!!! I spent the day on the dock soaking in some Vitamin D, drinking some vitamin C (C for Coronita) and swimming in some vitamin G (G for Gatineau River). I think THIS combination was what I REALLY needed to get rid of this ever-lasting but FINALLY gone cold...Thank you dear delicious life for giving me the will to drive, ride, sail safely through this terminated illness. It's really amazing to think about what CAN actually happen, I mean, one mintute you are hacking a lung, in tears over the agony, never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, then the next minute, or at least a couple of weeks later, there I am, sitting in the sunshine with a goofy grin on my face. LIke the old fashioned saying, overly said saying, heard it too many times saying: Time heals!!! And dammit it's true. So in this wee note, I am giving thanks to the world, that it keeps turning round and round and remember, the sun'll come out tomorrow!!! And just for the record, I can't leave a weblog without some form of gig or music mention... so here it is; this weekend I will embark on another mini-tour... this time heading to Camden East on Friday where I will play at a very sweet looking place called The Bookstore Cafe, then heading to Napanee to play at another sweet cafe on Saturday night at The Music Market, then to head to Music on the Mountain Festival near Picton Ontario, at Lake on the Mountain Resort. And not to forget, SUMMER IS NOT OVER!!! Woo hoo hoo!!! Much Love on this DAY!! Lindsay

Canada Day, eh?

Good Morning!! I missed writing this wee note yesterday, as I was out getting debauched in the sun. I like to keep up with this "blog" (yucky word) every Tuesday, I should probably write more, in ALL aspects of my life... more songs, more letters and more, ahem, blogs.  Of course, that's what we want, a little more of everything. Our desire to live. Perfectly put. I only wish that I had more discipline, how can I get more of that? I guess I just need more practice! Practicing discipline, practising guitar...a little more practice. Speaking of that though, I have been practicing with a band and it is going fantastically. In the past I have found it very difficult to sing in front of a full band, funnily enough, it's not easier for me with more people on the stage. Mainly because it's easier to hear what kinds of sounds are coming out of my mouth when I'm solo, you know,  without the competition of a few amps and a drum kit. We had our first trio gig last weekend at a BLOW OUT show in Wakefield. It sounded great, now I just need to find a SUBTLE guitarist/keyboardist. I have my first practice with one (fingers crossed) on Friday.  I'll let you know how it goes... the BLUESFEST gig isn't too far away either!! There will be a bus leaving Wakefield on the 11th of July, to take whoever wants to go see my show... for free!! So get on the bus gus and set yourself free.... xox