gatineau river

Happy Holidaze

Greetings from the Bernese Oberlands! Currently on the radio they are playing "For Your Eyes Only." What a blast from the past, not sure if I should run over and switch the station?? Hahahaa... So what are YOUR plans for the Holidays? It does seem a bit rushed this year, I have fond memories of skinny dipping in the Gatineau River, and not sure how winter, let alone Christmas has arrived so quickly. Alas, time flies when you are having fun, so they say. Here I sit atop a hill over-looking a quaint village, filled with Swiss houses, shooting smoke from their chimneys. We have a small wood stove in the kitchen which heats the whole house... I should actually be stoking the fire as we speak, but heck, this small computer seems to eradicate time completely and the next thing you know, I am back down in the kitchen re-starting the fire once more. I tried to get up for the eclipse by the way, and I was up about a half hour before it started, then to my dismay, I fell, once again into a deep sleep and missed it entirely. Though, I did dream that I saw it, twice, once it went very slow, and in the other dream, it was SUPER fast, in fast forward motion... Maybe I shouldn't eat so much chocolate before bed???? Hahahaa, it IS the holiday season tho, and chocolate is a MUST!!! Especially when in Switzerland. I was interviewed on Swiss Radio Rabe this past weekend, and if you would like to have a listen, please do, but you will need Windows Media Player, or something like it....

So if you happen to be in the Luzern area, and would like to attend a gig, featuring two Canadian Songstresses, please come on out on the 6th of January, at The Gewerbehalle, where the Lovely and Talented Christina Maria and myself will take to the stage... Have a super holiday in the meantime, MUCH Love from the land of Chocolate & Cheese, Lindsay xo

Ottawa Bluesfest 2010

It's nighttime in the Gatineau, and I am almost certain if the wind was blowing the right way, I might even hear the sounds of cheers & song coming from Le Breton Flats, home to the legendary Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest, not quite a twenty minute drive out of these here Hills. What a week it's been, and there is still one more left! Between band rehearsals, interviews with CTV with the A channel and performances at the festival this week has been STELLAR!! On Thursday night we, the band and I, opened with a set ahead of The Moody Blues... they were great, and I was surprised at how many of their songs I actually knew, most of them bringing back memories from the good ole days when Saturday's were spent listening to music with my Mum. In any case, the show was a BLAST and we had it all recorded, with hopes that I can put a compilation of live sounds together for YOU kind readers out there... time will tell! On Friday, perhaps the most interesting night of performers (to me anyway) The John Butler Trio, Gord Downie & his new band, Courney Love & Joan Jett... what a NIGHT! Fortunately I had a SOLO gig in the Theatre in the War Museum, but unfortunately I missed one of my all time favourite music makers and lyricists, Mr. Downie and missed dancing with John Butler, but one can't be everywhere and luckily there is still a week left! So, tonight, I think I will finally sleep WELL. All this heat has made it almost unbearable to be anywhere that doesn't have a water source to jump's thanking the Universe for creating that wonderful Gatineau River. And cheers to the music Lovers, I shall see YOU at The Bluesfest!! (One last thing, the "Be in the Band" performances are on Sunday the 18th. I, along with Mike Dubue from Ottawa's "Hilotrons" have been teaching some kids at Patro Community Centre on how to be in a BAND!! Wait til you hear the song they wrote and will perform on the 18th!! Exciting project indeed! There will also be other performances from other school and community centres around Ottawa, all courtesy of Mark Monahan & The Ottawa Bluesfest.. COME ONE COME ALL and see these kids realizing their musical dreams for the first time!!!)

Turkey Leaves...

What a fantastic weekend. I always forget about Thanksgiving, and then it is upon us... faster than you can say harvest... What a great few days spent with family and friends. The Black Sheep Inn had a great Friday night what with all the great players. Check out a few new bands that I had the chance to play with when you have a chance: The Grass, Ty Hall and the EZ3 and The Brothers... all very different from each other but that's what makes an awesome night of dancing and delight.  I don't know if any of you reading this have ever been out to the Sheep, but the energy in that room is crazy. I always feel like a whirlwhind is happening in there and rarely remember specific details from the shows, I swear there is a vortex inside with one rule "What happens at the Sheep, stays at the Sheep!!" It's pretty exciting to say the least. Moving onto Saturday, head still reeling from the vortex, I made it out to Orleans, which is nowhere near New Orleans. Umm, spent the night out there, feasting on wine and BBQ deleiciousness... then onto Sunday spent with crazy family, turkey and more wine. Monday was spent relaxing on a Paddle Wheeler floating in the Gatineau River, and the leaves out there are stupendously tremendous. The lull of the boat, the sound and smell of the water was like music to my ears.. not to mention the mysterious Moon up there hovering, maybe waiting for the smell of Turkey to waft up to it's nose?? What an amazing weekend, and I TRULY give thanks...thanks to Music, thanks to Famiy, thanks to Moon, thanks to River and thanks to YOU, my support network!!! Love you!!! xo     (Next weekend is Ron Sexsmith weekend. Can't wait.)