Lindsay Canadian

Canada is my home. What a lucky girl I am. While I Love traveling and culture, I must say that living in Canada feels right and safe and comfortable. Struggling through freezing steps is one of many parts to being Canadian, so is Hot Chocolate and Beaver Tails, skating down the Ottawa canal.  There is something touchable about living here, like you can talk to almost anyone, go almost anywhere, and you still feel like you belong. Of course there are exceptions to every rule and it's NOT all roses, but Canada has a certain familiarity and even though it's so incredibly huge in size, we have a shared quality of life here. We seem to speak the same language; beer, pizza, movies, music, campfires, wine, balaclavas, popcorn, pancakes, CBC, skis, candlelight, festivals and potluck dinners (something like that...) Realizing one's dream or purpose is attainable here, you can be a writer, lawyer, farmer, doctor, musician; it's all at your fingertips and surely someone knows someone who knows someone that can help you. That's why I Love Canada, because everyone is connected into this vortex of Canadian life, and most are willing to share their knowledge. I have come into contact with MANY Canadians while I tour and sing, and there always seems to be a "small-world" link connecting one dining room table conversation to another, one taste to another, one cousin to another, one neighbour to another one hand to another. After being away from home for the last two months, I just wanted to share some of my insights about this beautiful Country, tell you that I am always happy to return. If you are in the Ottawa area next weekend, tune into CKCU around 9:30am on Saturday morning, the 24th for some live songs by ME!! Also, I have a gig the SAME night, in Cantley Quebec at "La Grange de la Gatineau" where you can enjoy a Lovely meal inside a beautiful log home, as well as some musical sounds from me...I hope 2009 is shaping up nicely for those of you that actually read this blog... I know 'so far so good' for me... xox

Turkey Leaves...

What a fantastic weekend. I always forget about Thanksgiving, and then it is upon us... faster than you can say harvest... What a great few days spent with family and friends. The Black Sheep Inn had a great Friday night what with all the great players. Check out a few new bands that I had the chance to play with when you have a chance: The Grass, Ty Hall and the EZ3 and The Brothers... all very different from each other but that's what makes an awesome night of dancing and delight.  I don't know if any of you reading this have ever been out to the Sheep, but the energy in that room is crazy. I always feel like a whirlwhind is happening in there and rarely remember specific details from the shows, I swear there is a vortex inside with one rule "What happens at the Sheep, stays at the Sheep!!" It's pretty exciting to say the least. Moving onto Saturday, head still reeling from the vortex, I made it out to Orleans, which is nowhere near New Orleans. Umm, spent the night out there, feasting on wine and BBQ deleiciousness... then onto Sunday spent with crazy family, turkey and more wine. Monday was spent relaxing on a Paddle Wheeler floating in the Gatineau River, and the leaves out there are stupendously tremendous. The lull of the boat, the sound and smell of the water was like music to my ears.. not to mention the mysterious Moon up there hovering, maybe waiting for the smell of Turkey to waft up to it's nose?? What an amazing weekend, and I TRULY give thanks...thanks to Music, thanks to Famiy, thanks to Moon, thanks to River and thanks to YOU, my support network!!! Love you!!! xo     (Next weekend is Ron Sexsmith weekend. Can't wait.)