First Day of Summer 2013

And just like that, Summer began. In the darkest days of winter, most of us long for today, and here it is in all it's blue-sky-green-grass-leafy-tree glory (it's actually over-cast here, but we all get the drift!)

I Love both Seasons. All seasons, actually. Each one has it's best part, and each 0ne helps me, in some way or form, to be inspired to follow my dreams and stay on the right course. Naturally, on occasion I take the wrong road, the 'road less traveled' but in the end,  most avenues are right, as hindsight is always 20/20.

It's my first time writing here as a married woman.

The last few months were filled to the brim with excitement and plans and yellow tape and caterers and paperwork and dress measuring and clothes shopping and phone calls and invites and organizing and basking in the Love of my mans eyes. All in the name of Love and all for the best day of my life, my wedding day. It's true what they say... It was the best day of my life, and I have lived through some pretty tremendous days. This one beat them all, so does that mean it's all down hill from now?? I think I will coast on the coat-tails of being a newly-wed for awhile...

It was also the first time I grew out my nails in many, many, many moons. One can't play the chords on guitar with finger nails. I missed the sounds of the strings plucked and strummed and all those melodies that flow out while I'm rehearsing. So I'm back at it, and when you step away from it for a couple of weeks (or more??) it's amazing what comes out once you get going again. The tap from that fresh water constant-running-spring had been corked so when I liberate the cork, the water is in full flowing force. Refreshing, beautiful, colourful musical 'water.' Oh how I bask in the glory of thee.

So I am back to writing and back to booking, all as a married woman.

Some say that you feel differently in your relationship once you tie the knot. I concur! I won't go into gushy details of Love, but it does feel as though there is a tighter, kindred connection, more sincere in a way? It's hard to put into words...more secure in the saddle? Someone recently asked me how I was going to create songs, now that my heart is solid and strong. Well, thank goodness I have a unique array of friendships that provide me with stimulating stories, not to mention the catalogue of  life's drama I have already seen ;)

It's my first Summer away from my second home (Canada) in a long time. The last place I spent a Summer was in Ireland, when I worked out on the Emerald Isle's west coast, in Connemara, all those years ago. Well, here I am in Switzerland, south of Bern, a bike-ride (all up hill!) away from the Alps. It's pretty heavenly here, but WHERE isn't it heavenly in the Summertime?

I miss my Wakefield. If you ever have the chance to head up, north of Ottawa to the Gatineau Hills in Quebec, do it. Wakefield has everything from Organic Farms, to hand crafted beeswax candles, to luxurious bakeries, to the BEST bistros, the BEST poutine, and the BEST place to see live music, at The Black Sheep Inn. We have an arts festival at the end of August called 'Wakefest' and there is a market every Saturday featuring live music, fresh breads, cookies, coffee, hand picked vegetables, hand crafted felted masterpieces, local honey, local EVERYTHING!! So go check it out... Oh and yeah, the Gatineau River is the liquid Love that brings it all together.

In the meantime, I will sit up here in this old farm house on the hill, over-looking the small village I live in part-time (half Swiss time half Canadian time!) serenaded by the melody of the sheep chimes, a fridge stocked with local cheeses, delicious beer and a cabinet full of chocolate.

Remember folks,

Life is what you make it.


Lindsay xo


The Italian Switzerland.

I write to you today only nine days away from Canada. I have mixed feelings about leaving here, as it is so wonderful in Switzerland, there are just so many things that are different from Canada that I Love but then there are so many things in Canada that are different from here, that I Love. As an example, here, they don’t mow the lawn at lunch time, after work or on Sundays, and they don’t use a chainsaw or make any loud noises at all during these times. It’s an unspoken rule. It’s quiet, I like that. However, when you are in the grocery store, and you are talking about what you want to get, pondering over what’s for dinner, you have to be side by side together and speak lightly, for an example if he is at the other end of the veggie section and you are in the herbs wondering if he wants some basil, you would have to go over and ask, instead of talking a BIT louder, and heavens to betsy if you are chatting in the line-up waiting to pay! It’s quiet, I don’t like that. Anyway, there are differences to every place, and I am very fortunate to have been here for a few months and I am also very fortunate to be getting home, to Canada, even better, to Wakefield, Quebec!

So, the “Italian Switzerland” is like a whole other country.  I was in Ticino, about a 40min drive from Milan, Italy. People don’t say “Gruezi” as hello, or “Tchuess” as good bye, they say “Bonjourno” and “Arriva Derci” so yes, everyone speaks Italian, or English, but NO Schweizerdeutsch, which is what I have been trying to learn. It’s not so easy when EVERY word has two different spellings and pronunciations. See, I have to learn High German first, so I can read here, there is no written Swiss German. And, of course there is a LOT of slang terms… let’s just say, those are coming a lot easier…I could teach you a few of those ;)

Getting back to Ticino, I stayed at a hotel over -looking the city, mountains and the Lake of Lugano. I felt like I was in the Mediterranean, you could almost smell the ocean, it was warm and all the flowers were in full bloom. Speaking of flowers, when we pulled up into the gate of the reception, it was unlike your typical “you need permission to come onto these grounds” gate, it was a cement box full of flowers that was sitting on a steel arm which would just slowly sway the flowers out of the way. Interesting camouflage! In staying with the Mediterranean theme, I chose big fat juicy prawns for dinner “Mediterranean style.” But not before I headed down to the pool, did some laps and took advantage of the bubbly “I could have fallen asleep in it” hot tub. See, I KNEW I just had to have the chocolate mousse for dessert later. The menu stated there would be THREE types of chocolate mousse on the same plate! The white chocolate kind was the best I’d ever had, well the only white chocolate mousse I’d ever had but holy smokes it was good… Later on when I was singing, a group of ladies ordered some and I saw it pass by me, and I drooled a little bit, forgetting my lyrics…it was that good. Its gigs like these that remind me of how great it can be, not that I mind the dives, but sometimes it’s fun to get treated like a star, I mean, my hotel room had TWO bedrooms TWO bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and the most beautiful balcony over-looking an astonishing view. Of course, on the way home, reality struck when we hit the Gotthard tunnel, or came CLOSE to it… it’s a seventeen kilometer tunnel under a mountain and it’s the only way out of the area, the area that EVERYONE travels to on the long weekend… We sat around for a couple of hours waiting to get through and as we were finally driving through it, I tried not to think about the ENTIRE mountain that was on top of me.

The world through the window of a train...

The last time I wrote anything of length, in true blog fashion was in the winter. It’s now Spring!! Yikes! Apologies, I know I should write, that there actually ARE people out there, reading these words, and might just be wondering where I’ve been. Well, I have been on Twitter, Reverbnation, Numubu and Facebook. Of course, making time for my very own website, now there’s an idea! Well, here I am doing exactly that. It seems I only ever have real time to think when I am actually unplugged, like on a train, rushing through tunnels adjusting the pressure in my ears. I always wanted to be able to do that, properly under water, so I could venture into the unknown with scuba gear, allowing me to breath in a completely new world…alas, my ears,  and in the end my mind, won’t let me cross that barrier… so snorkeling will just have to do! Back to the business at hand, I sit here on yet another train, watching the world speed by and there’ s a young red headed child wandering through the aisles, who obviously just learned how to walk and can’t possibly sit still. She is a real gem to watch and her rosy cheeks and sausage arms make it hard for me to look at this screen, alas, there are stories to tell! Life in Switzerland has been pretty wunderbar. Those picture books you see with the rolling hills, snow capped mountains, tree patched fields and funny shaped houses; they’re true. It’s THAT beautiful. We have sheep in the pasture where I live, and they wear bells around their necks… so there are always “wind chime” sounds floating through the air… it’s really pretty and not harsh at all, I will miss those bells when I head back, very soon, to Canada… my home and native. The fruit trees are in full bloom as well and the scents, at any given time can rush over you and make you swoon just like that first kiss.

It’s easy to write songs here. The air is fresh, the water clean and life out here in the country is slow enough that you can truly enjoy the ride and take it all in. I remind myself every day how fortunate I am to be here, working on new compositions as well as touring this Lovely country on occasion, much like today, in this train. I have a few last gigs here before I head home to Canada. I REALLY do miss Canada, though Switzerland is fast becoming a very close second. Did you know that it closes for lunch here? That at lunch time, after work and on Sunday’s you can’t make noise i.e mow the lawn, use a chainsaw, vacuum your car… etc… whatever has a loud noise… It’s not a law, I don’t think, but everyone sticks to it. Oh and I KNOW I’ve mentioned this before but the cheese, bread and chocolate is REALLY outta this world. I only wish I didn’t LOVE it all so much, my hips & bingo wings would be ever so thankful. Alas, this Love affair with food ain’t over yet!!  A few more weeks and I’ll be back to Canadian chocolate & cheese, which isn’t so tempting J

So here is a special up and coming gig I have. If you happen to be in the area, it would be GREAT to sing a few tunes for you….


Wakefield, Canada: 9pm June 21st Black Sheep Inn s/g Miss Emily & Nick Sherman; Song Circle