ottawa bluesfest

Winners in the end...

Hey folks, No matter what, at he end of the day, I am blessed with music in my veins! we may not have placed further in the competition, but we are $5000 richer! It was a blast of a time though and I had the great fortune of meeting some stellar Ottawa musicians whom I hadn't met yet... It still surprises me as to how much talent there is in this city! I hosted an "All Ottawa Music Room" as part of a music conference: Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, a couple of weekends ago, and it was such a blast! There were over 800 delegates in attendance and SO MUCH MUSIC... it's a brilliant conference, and the Ottawa Bluesfest Collective sponsored my hotel room, so we could showcase some of the great players of this musical (yes, musical) city. If you haven't yet checked out Kenny Voita, he is a talented songster who really sings... like he is SO good! Marc Nelson is another great performer, and Trevor Alguire has a great new album to drive to. These are Ottawa area music makers that you should have a listen to for sure! So we didn't win The Big Money Shot, but at the very least, the band became more of a sweet unit, we have a great bunch of songs down pat nice and tight, and I look forward to getting a new album with a stellar band sometime in the mid-new year...we have a bunch of new tunes to share!! In the meantime, I am heading over to Switzerland, for a song-writing term, what better place to start out the winter months? Sitting at the bottom of the Alps with pen in hand and candles lit... bring on the Cheese Fondue, not to mention Raclette!! hey, Onwards and upwards my friends...


Autumn Blues n News

What a glorious time of year. The air is alive with new scents from old, the horizon dull and bright at the same time, the wind and stars blissfully fresh and clear... and me without a penny to my name. Thank heavens I can see the beauty in life, and the creativity,  musically, never ends. Thank heavens going for a bicycle ride down windy rocky roads doesn't cost money! Alas, to be a full time music maker in a coin driven world where one in 10 music makers don't make it! What kind of decision did I make, to be a contender in a race that is almost impossible to win? I ask myself this question on many occassions and always come up with another question: Life or death? I choose life and with life, in my world, comes music and not just in my stereo, mp3, computer or from someone else, I have this musical gift and it was given to me by the cosmos and the cosmos have demanded that I share I will, I do, I must! Here is a clip of one of my favourite songs, sung this past year at The Ottawa Bluesfest it's called "Sky'n Me" and I have recorded it "album" form, along with 6 other songs, which hopefully I will one day be able to press, put up on Itunes and sell from the stage... outta my hands into yours (sorry for the big huge font. just happened all of a sudden and I don't know how to change it back!) Anyway, I hope to sing for you soon, and if you are in the Ottawa area on the 14th of November (my birthday!!) I am singing at The Rainbow Bistro... it's a Saturday night... come on down... I'll be in fine form then... just a rant today, on a grey day in October... Lxo

Michael Jackson tribute...Ottawa Bluesfest 2009

What an amazing festival so far. Only 4 more days left!! Here is a link to one of the songs I performed on The Subway Stage "Don't Stop til You Get Enough"...

A tribute to MJ, there are more links to other songs written by ME, just go to youtube!!

See you soon, and I'll write more when I can't hear the River calling, it's sunny out there today!!


Lindsay xo

Lindsay LIVE with The Lost Boys... 2moro Night!

Greetings Websurfers, Indeed, I have a gig 2moro night in Wakefield Quebec. That's Thursday the 7th, at The Black Sheep Inn. We've been practicing some new songs as a band, and boy, sometimes they sound SO MUCH BETTER with a band then when I am standing in the kitchen singing to the taps! I will also be on CKCU Radio from 8am til 9:30am in the morning, that's 93.1fm in Ottawa...I may bring out some older recordings for a treat or a laugh... depending...! I will also be performing a few live songs as well... solo style...without the taps. Maggie Meyer from Newfoundland and Megan Hamilton from Toronto will also be singing souls on Thursday night at The Sheep, so if you are in for a trek out to the hills, come join us, the fun starts at 9pm!!!

Life as a music maker is a little slower for me these days, as I am spending my daze, writing new tunes for a new album. I would LOVE to get it released next Spring, Spring 2010. My last album, released September 2007 took a year to organize, so it appears I may indeed have the time to reach my goal date, but I will of course keep you posted on all of that, I still have to choose the right studio, and that's half the battle. The songs are flowing freely and I am stoked to get them recorded...all in good time I suppose!!

Summer will see me traveling a bit, out to the East Coast of Canada for some shows and then out to the West Coast, to the Rocky Mountains!! With an exceptional gig in between at at The Ottawa Bluesfest, on July 10th, where Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and Sam Roberts will also e performing... I am SURE it will be a fabulous night for all!!

As an independent musician, I am always looking for shows. I do all my own booking (so far) and if you have anything exciting happening and are in need of Music Makers, drop me an email. With or without band!! Keep in mind there are 2 Lindsay Styles...or ring me! My number is up there at the top of this page...

On another note, I have fallen in Love with a new band called "Mother Mother" maybe they aren't so NEW, but new to me... I saw them perform a few days back, and it was one of the BEST performances I've ever seen. An amazingly dynamic, creative, melodic, harmonic, and RAW talent type of band. Check them out sometime. One more Canadian Gem to add to our musical roster of greats....

Talk soon, Lindsay xo

Top Ten Best Shows of 2008 (in no particular order!!)

1. LOUDLOVE! I saw Loudlove play at "The Horseshoe Tavern" on a Monday night... I slipped and sloshed all the way from the East End of Toronto to get to that show and what an amazing night. I LOVE Loudlove, they are one of my FAVOURITE bands EVER. One thing for sure, they get me dancing every time and THAT doesn't happen very often. 2. JOSE GONZALEZ! I had the pleasure of being introduced to this brilliant singer from Sweden for the first time at The Ottawa Bluesfest this past summer. There was a MIGHTY crowd at The Black Sheep Stage all singing along to his songs... he was SOLO with Guitar and there was a Trumpet player hanging out near the soundboard blowing away... it was a truly special moment and my favourite of all the Bluesfest performances!!

3. JENN GRANT! This was during Canadian Music Week and the show was at The Rivoli in Toronto. I don't know what it was about this night, but SOMEthing was in the air. It really felt like Love... she was on fire and singing like the siren she is. A De-Lovely and Unique voice indeed!!

4. Peter Voith, Shawn Tavenier, Anders Drerup, Tyler Kealey, Ben Cooper, Eric Eggleston, Jeff Rogers! This was the best show I have ever taken part in. Called "Wailing for Wheels" it was a charity event at The Bronson Centre in Ottawa for Muscular Dystrophy. Seeing all of these Ottawa Musicians perform for the FIRST time ever, I was blown away, we did a few numbers together at the end, I was so full of excitement, I tripped off the side of the stage.... an awe-inspiring night, one that reminds you that it's ALL worth it!!

5. JON & NATHAN PILASKI! This wasn't quite a "concert" to the definition, but there is a great Trad Session in Toronto at "Dora Keogh's"  which I attend occassionally to play the Irish Drum, a Bodhran or to sing an old Traditional Irish song or two. One night I happened upon this great little nook and the Irish Dancing Brothers team were in the pub having a good ole pint of Guinness, as you do... well after a few, we talked them into doing a wee dance for us. Our own private tap/step dance!! Considering they dance on tour with "The Chieftans" this was an honour!!

6. KOBOTOWN! These guys are truly WONDERFUL. Serious dancing, singing music. I held a 'Guerilla Showcase' room during this great music conference 'Ontario Council of Folk Festivals' (OCFF), where I asked only Ottawa musicians to take part, and these guys just blew me (and others!) away... I played their CD over and over and over... and I can STILL listen to it!!!

7. NORTH ATLANTIC FIDDLERS! This summer in St. John's Newfoundland, they had the Folk Festival, the Buskers Festival, George Street Festival, Regatta Day and the North Atlantic Fiddlers Convention all around the same time! I happened to be playing in the Folk Festival and spent a lot of time traipsing about! "Nautical Nellies" on Water Street was home to all the Fiddlers night after night... well, THIS brought out all types of players; mandolins, bouzoukis, guitars, tin whistles, bodhrans, flutes, voices...  al together in the madness of tunes and song. It was simply fantabulous!

8. JULLY BLACK! What a THRILL it was to see Jully ON FIRE at The Black Sheep Inn, in Wakefield Quebec, this small cozy venue was filled to the brim with this woman's bursting voice. She did a cover of "Blue Rodeo's 'TRY'" I mean this was un real... I used to think I could sing until I saw her ablaze in passion that night! What an inspiration... really.

9. THE SADIES! They played on my birthday so the night was already gonna be swell. What I didn't know was HOW AMAZING they were going to be! Strumming and slapping out their tunes at "Barrymore's" in Ottawa, made us all sweat fireworks. What a rush!

10. SHEESHAM & LOTUS! This 'Dynamic Duo" is ultimately one of the most unparalled pair I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. You MUST tear yourself away from whatever gets in your path if these guys come to town! They played and marched and danced out fabulous sound at "Kaffe 1870" in Wakefield Quebec...their sound is 'old soul meets ragtime meets magnificence. Find them. NOW!!

Hope you enjoyed my choices... there were so many shows that were ultimately GREAT.... and maybe I've missed out mentioning a few.. but here you go... Last Minute Lindsay Picks...