Lindsay LIVE with The Lost Boys... 2moro Night!

Greetings Websurfers, Indeed, I have a gig 2moro night in Wakefield Quebec. That's Thursday the 7th, at The Black Sheep Inn. We've been practicing some new songs as a band, and boy, sometimes they sound SO MUCH BETTER with a band then when I am standing in the kitchen singing to the taps! I will also be on CKCU Radio from 8am til 9:30am in the morning, that's 93.1fm in Ottawa...I may bring out some older recordings for a treat or a laugh... depending...! I will also be performing a few live songs as well... solo style...without the taps. Maggie Meyer from Newfoundland and Megan Hamilton from Toronto will also be singing souls on Thursday night at The Sheep, so if you are in for a trek out to the hills, come join us, the fun starts at 9pm!!!

Life as a music maker is a little slower for me these days, as I am spending my daze, writing new tunes for a new album. I would LOVE to get it released next Spring, Spring 2010. My last album, released September 2007 took a year to organize, so it appears I may indeed have the time to reach my goal date, but I will of course keep you posted on all of that, I still have to choose the right studio, and that's half the battle. The songs are flowing freely and I am stoked to get them recorded...all in good time I suppose!!

Summer will see me traveling a bit, out to the East Coast of Canada for some shows and then out to the West Coast, to the Rocky Mountains!! With an exceptional gig in between at at The Ottawa Bluesfest, on July 10th, where Jackson Browne, Steve Earle and Sam Roberts will also e performing... I am SURE it will be a fabulous night for all!!

As an independent musician, I am always looking for shows. I do all my own booking (so far) and if you have anything exciting happening and are in need of Music Makers, drop me an email. With or without band!! Keep in mind there are 2 Lindsay Styles...or ring me! My number is up there at the top of this page...

On another note, I have fallen in Love with a new band called "Mother Mother" maybe they aren't so NEW, but new to me... I saw them perform a few days back, and it was one of the BEST performances I've ever seen. An amazingly dynamic, creative, melodic, harmonic, and RAW talent type of band. Check them out sometime. One more Canadian Gem to add to our musical roster of greats....

Talk soon, Lindsay xo

Lindsay News....

Hi Surfers. Oh, to dream about the Sea & Surfing. For now all I have is the web. And my guitar. Actually I am just putting some finishing touches on a new song that I will bring to my band at tonight's practice. Looking forward to that... I always get a new high from a new song. A natural high... not so easy to get nowadays, in this fast "I want more more more" crazy world. I'm staring at a ski hill right now, white strips of snow, tumbling down to the brown ground. Everything is brown, except for those glowing white strips of snow. I imagine they will be gone in the next day or two, and I can rid myself of cold wintery thoughts.  Bring on the Lake-jumping!! In the meantime, I have a few gigs coming up, from the West Coast of Canada right over to the East coast, and a few dates (still booking!!) in between. Life is an interesting set of happenings these days. I strayed from the Love affair with my guitar for a few weeks, and thank God she took me back. It's amazing, the beatings she takes. In any case, I am back in full force,  with a chunk of my heart ready for healing once more. Ah, to re-live unrequited Love. What a shame. Onwards & Upwards, I got my guitar on my back with a few tunes and I'll get over you!! (sound familiar??) So, this Saturday I will be singing in Napanee Ontario, home to superstar Avril... come to The Music Market for a glimpse into my ever-singing-soul. You may be in for a treat. or Two. The show starts around 8pm...soon, I will be back at The Black Sheep Inn, on May 7th, with a couple of FINE singer gals, Megan Hamilton from Toronto (her CD release) and Maggie Meyer from Newfoundland... it's a Thursday night, but don't worry, we won't keep you out too late on a school night. More gigs, heartbreak and songs to follow, I'm sure. Until then, Be well. Go outside, and just breath. xox